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With over 20 years of experience as a world renowned professional and personal development coach, Steve Rix is ready to set your team on a course of discovery. Steve specializes in coaching people to discover and unleash the greatness that lies within them.

Steve Rix is a member of The National Speakers Association and brings highest level of ethics and integrity to every Team Building and Corporate Trip aboard the Sailing Swiftsure. Steve has spoken to thousands of audiences from small teams to crowds of 10,000+ attendees. His dynamic energy and infectious enthusiasm draws his audience fully into the conversation.

A Team Building adventure on Sailing Swiftsure will put your team members through a series of challenging situations, creative problem solving, and critical interactions to build trust, cohesion, and respect in your team. Steve pulls from his 35+ years of public speaking expertise to engage, delight, test, and reward each member of your team. He’ll leverage the wide range of personalities to build up interpersonal skills and unleash the powerful resources of creativity and imagination. Here are a few of our most successful team building excursion themes:

  • C-level vision and strategy
  • Mid-level Management Synergy
  • Rising Star Discovery and Development
  • Transformational Gauntlet
  • Organizational Shift from Good to Great
  • Magic of the Mind: Manifesting Results

Radical transformation and quick results lead to rewarding experiences. Utilizing these services in conjunction with our yacht charter services creates a magical experience for all who participate. Whether it's a high powered sales team, your "C" level leadership, or a specialized aspect of your company or organization, let us create a rewarding, unforgettable experience unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.

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Proud Partners

Steve has worked with executive, management, and sales teams from leading organizations including:

Proud Partner of Sailing Swiftsure
Proud Partner of Sailing Swiftsure
Proud Partner of Sailing Swiftsure
Proud Partner of Sailing Swiftsure
Proud Partner of Sailing Swiftsure

Of course references from these and other past clients are always available